FAQ for Ninja2Go

1. How to install Windows on Ninja2Go?
Please refer and follow to the user manual : https://www.ninjadrive.com/pages/usermanual_en

2.How to boot Ninja2Go?
After plugging in Ninja2Go, press the Option (Alt) key when restarting the computer. The EFI Boot option will appear. Select EFI Boot and press Enter to start Ninja2Go.
When some Apple computers (including the Apple T2 chip) are used for the first time, a security lock pop-up window will appear. You can refer to the instructions in the manual and change the settings of the Apple computer before use.

3.How long can I receive NinjaGo after placing an order?
We will ship the product within 1-2 days after receiving the order.


About product key

1.Product keys for Windows

A product key is a 25-character code that's used to activate Windows and helps verify that Windows hasn't been used on more PCs than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow.

2.Can I buy Ninja2Go without buying a product key?
No, Ninja2Go and product key cannot be sold separately.

3.How do I get a product key?
There will be a product key exchange card in the package. Please follow the instructions above the card to proceed with the product key exchange process.

About Windows

1.What version of Windows is pre-installed?
Ninja2go will install Windows10 Home/ Professional editions based on your order.

2.Can Windows be updated?
Windows can be updated normally.

3.How to reset Windows?
We provide free replacement service within the warranty, please backup your data and fill your ordering information in the paper (1) purchaser's name (2) order number (3) phone number (4) e-mail (5) detailed address, then send it with Ninja2Go to the following address: Rm. 1, 6F., No.1, Ren'ai Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 239, Taiwan.
We will help you reset Ninja2Go and send it back.


1.Warranty on data
In no event shall warranty extend to data or other information stored on the Ninja2Go. Ninja2Go is not responsible for loss of, damages to or corruption of data or any costs of recovering or reproducing data stored on your Ninja2Go.

2. Connecting compatible devices
Confirm Thunderbolt 3 compatibility requirements and file format settings of your device before connecting it to the Ninja2Go. Connecting the Ninja2Go to non-compatible devices may result in unexpected interference or malfunction of both products.

3. Antivirus software, updates, and virus scans 
The Ninja2Go does not include antivirus software. Regular antivirus program scans are strongly recommended.

4. Impact/shock
Shock greater than 1,500 G or a drop from height of more than two meters (6.6 ft.) may cause permanent data loss or malfunction.

5. Disassembling or tampering
the warranty is void if user disassembles, tampers with or damages products or labels. NinjaDrive will not be responsible for any damage to the product resulting from any unauthorized modifications or repairs or replacements not performed by NinjaDrive Service Center. For more information, please visit: https://www.ninjadrive.com/

Returns and warranty policy

A. Warranty Policy

NinjaDrive warrants to the original end user customer or purchaser of this Product("You") that the Product is free from defects in material and workmanship, subject to the conditions stated herein, a period from the date of purchase of the product in its original sealed packaging until the expiration date of the Limited Warranty as specified in the Warranty Policy. (Refer to the entire Warranty Policy for details.) if no proof of the date of purchase is provided, the warranty period will be considered to have started three months after the date that the product was manufactured. Ninja2Go will, at its option, either: (1) repair or replace the Product with a new or refurbished Product of equal or greater capacity and functionality; or (2) refund the then current market value of the Product at the time the warranty claim is made to Ninja2Go if Ninja2Go is unable to repair or replace the Product. However, in the case of NTF (No Trouble Found) through a diagnosis, Your Product will be sent back to You. You should always back up any important data. This warranty is provided only to You and is not transferable.


B. Warranty Limitations

The warranty stated herein shall not apply if:
(i) the Product was not used in accordance with any accompanying instructions,(ii) the Product was not used for its intended function and environment,(iii) any failure or defect arose out of the presence of a third-party product, software or component, whether authorized or not,(iv) any failure or defect was a result of improper installation, misuse, unauthorized repair, modification or accident, and (v) there exist any other circumstances that Ninja2Go determines is evidence of a breach of this Agreement by You.

You agree that the Product shall not be used in life support systems or other applications where failure could threaten injury or life. Ninja2Go disclaims any and all liability in connection with, arising out of, or related to, any such use of the Product. In addition, Ninja2Go is not responsible for any cost related to the installation or uninstallation of the SSD for the purpose of upgrades or repairs and for any cost related to the data recovery as a result of such operations. The Ninja2Go warranty also does not cover Products which, by way of example, have been received improperly packaged, altered, or physically damaged. Products will be inspected upon receipt.

C. Warranty

Period We offer a one-year warranty from the date of purchase for all users.We also encourage our users to register with Ninja2Go official website. Once successfully registered, the warranty period will be extended to 3 years.