Ninja2Go - The best solution for dual system

What is Ninja2Go ?

Ninja2Go is a "Service"

that installing Windows in Portable SSD 

With Ninja2Go, you can start 
using windows on your Mac easily

How can
Ninja2Go benefits you?

1. Play PC games on your Mac.

2. Work with Windows-based accepting
and trading software.

3. Develop & Test programs across MacOS & Windows in portable SSD 

4. Run all your favorite Windows software on your Mac.

Why should we run dual system
on the portable SSD ?

1 Speed of SSD

Thunderbolt 3 can offer up to 40Gb/s transmission bandwidth.
It possesses lightning speed.

It's fast enough to run an operating system

2 Store while using


Save your files at anytimeProtect your data without
uploading to the cloud or backing up


3 Increase storage capacity

Installing dual systems directly onto
your computer can take up a lot of space

And it is difficult to increase storage capacity of Mac.



What can Ninja2Go do for you ?

one-key installation

 Plug in Portable SSD and simply press

one-key to start installing Windows.

As below is a comparison chart
for two different ways to install
Windows on portable SSD for Mac


Protect your data

The stability level of SSD
is higher than traditional hard drives

Ninja2Go provide you
a better place to save your data.

What are you waiting for

TYR Ninja2Go Now