NinjaStand-The best laptop stand on earth

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  • A good laptop stand is very important for all laptop users. It can saves you from"laptop hunch" ; A Swedish sports medicine specialist named Anna L. Berkhout published a research on an International medical journal  "Applied Ergonomics". It's said that  by using tools like laptop stand, people can decrease the torque of their neck, and even increase their productivity. 

  • We are starting this project to provide a better way to support your laptop. Introducing the best laptop stand on earth, the "NinjaStand".

 NinjaStand design points 

  • During this project, we kept asking ourselves one simple question. "What would the best laptop stand look like?" After lots of discussion, we narrowed it down to some key points:

1. Light and thin:A good stand should be easy to carry. The NinjaStand won't be a burden.

    • Super light, only 50g/1.7oz 
    • 5mm thick, so they are easy to carry without bothering you.

2. Helps cooling:  By elevating your laptop, the bottom of the laptop will be able to breath. 


  • Elevating your laptop creates a gap between your laptop and the desk. This will help cool your laptop and extend battery life. 

3. Stable: The NinjaStand structure is strong and provides a great typing environment. 

  • NinjaStand can hold up to 5KG, and you can use it with any laptop. 
  • NinjaStand is stable and durable. It prevents your laptop from shaking during work.