POWER 100W Magnetic Charging Cable

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Why NinjaDrive Magnetic Charging Cable?

Provide a safer charging environment for your laptop

  • Never worry about the charging pen crashing to the ground because you accidentally pulled the charging cable.

Up to 100W charging speed

  • There are only a few Magnetic Charging Cable on the market that can reach 100 W charging speed. Such Magnetic Charging Cable must be equipped with E-mark chip to support 100W (5A/20V) high-speed charging. Stable high-speed charging can greatly shorten the waiting time.

How to use Magnetic Charging Cable?

  • Plug the magnetic connector into your device.
  • Plug the USB-C connector on the other end of the charging cable into a USB-C transformer with a PD fast charge function
  • Holding the charging cable a little closer to it will attract itself and start charging

How does NinjaDrive improve charging efficiency?

Old-generation magnetic head uses POGO PIN connection methodThis method uses several spring-loaded probes to contact the charging terminal.
Spring-loaded probes can cause fatigue fatigue.
Therefore, the wear and tear of repeated use may cause poor contact and affect charging efficiency.

In addition, the contact area of ​​the probe is only a small point.
Which will also affect the charging efficiency of the magnetic connection

Ninja Drive uses a new generation of METAL CONTACT design.
Our charging end uses a large metal sheet and is designed to easily cover the entire magnetic head connection.
First, there will be no fatigue problems.
Second, it also solves the problem that the contact area affects the charging efficiency.


*This product is a USB-C to USB-C charging cable 

Length : 5ft / 1.5m 
Current and voltage:5A / 20V

To reach 100W charging efficiency
1. The charging cable needs to support PD fast charging
2. The transformer needs to support PD fast charging and reach a charging power of 100W
3. The charging device needs to support PD fast charging and can accept a charging power of 100W
All the above three points need to be met to achieve ultra-high-speed charging power

*100W is the maximum power of our cable.
If your transformer and device can only support charging speeds below 100W,
our charging cable is also applicable.

∙This cable has charging indicator, it will light up when charging

The wire uses a strong weaving process and passed the 5000+ bending test. 
 Durable and sturdy

The plug is made of aluminum alloy and passed the 10,000 + plug test to avoid easy failure and damage