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Ninja2Go is a “Service”

that installing OS system in Portable SSD

With Ninja2Go,
you can easily start using Windows 10 on our protable SSD-TB3 .
We will continue to develop services for other systems in the future

Are you still plagued by the MacOS system's incompatibility with many software?

Are you still thinking about installing dual systems on your Macbook but are afraid of running out of capacity?

Are you still troubled by installing dual systems without knowing how to get started?

Try Ninja2Go !!!

With Ninja2Go, you can save a lot of trouble installing Windows

Nin2Go specifically saves many steps for users

We have developed a program that can automatically perform the installation steps

It also avoids many troubles encountered during installation

The process will help you to install all drivers you need

Ninja2Go allows you to complete Windows 10 system installation with one click

We use genuine Microsoft software and include genuine product keys

※ All software included in Ninja2Go is sold as a set
    There is no option to sell separately

※ Due to the non-repeatability of the serial number, the key cannot be returned or exchanged after it is sold

Please confirm the version and quantity carefully before placing an order

Although we all sell sets, we don’t charge extra

Our final fee only charges the original price of TB3 plus the official Windows 10 selling price

Want to enjoy super high speed dual system expansion

TB3 (Ninja2Go) is your best choice

The following is the introduction of our NinjaDrive Protable SSD-TB3

NinjaDrive-TB3 uses Taiwan-made controller and Japan TOSHIBA top solid state drive SSD

NinjaDrive is a portable solid state drive suitable for Type-c interface
Data can be transmitted at 2800 Mbps (Mb / sec) through the Thunderbolt 3 interface

How fast is 2,800MBps?

It's as fast as the built-in SSD of Macbook Pro and Macbook Air
This means that if the Macbook has insufficient storage space
And you are looking for a solution to expand capacity
Then NinjaDrive-TB3 is a perfect solution!

Can you explain a little bit about the concepts of SSD and speed?

SSD is called solid state drive, it is a file access device
It's much faster than traditional hard drives

All of Apple ’s new MacBook series use SSDs as storage devices
Because it ’s much faster, and it ’s much safer and more stable.
If you want to transfer data quickly and securely, SSD is your best choice
Now that you know the difference between SSD and traditional hard drive, let's take a look at the transmission interface

Most portable hard drives on the market
The actual speed of USB 3.0 is about 300 MB / s (now USB3.2 Gen1)
The actual speed of USB 3.1 is about 600 MB / s (now USB3.2 Gen2x1)

TB3 can transfer files through Thunderbolt3 interface
Thunderbolt3 interface can reach 8 times the transmission speed of USB 3.0
So NinjaDrive SSD-TB3 is especially suitable for people who need ultra-fast external storage devices

Why should you choose NinjaDrive-TB3?

1.NinjaDrive-TB3 is lightning fast
2. NinjaDrive-TB3 is the fastest portable SSD on earth
3. NinjaDrive-TB3 is a system disk that you can take with you

How fast is NinjaDrive SSD-TB3?

I can even install Microsoft Windows on NinjaDrive-TB3
Then run it on Macbook
The maximum speed of TB3 can be reached
Reading speed 2,800 MB / sec 
Write speed 2,000 MB / sec

Ninja2Go contains the
portable SSD + Windows10 product key and comes with an EVA storage box and a storage bag.
The contents are all sold in sets and cannot be disassembled